Weekly TV ratings odds (July 20-26, 2020)

These are the current odds for the weekly ratings for July 20-26, 2020 offered by Unibet.com.

Demo God Conquered – Chris Jericho to be reported as having been beaten in the applicable P18-49 head-to-head by NXT5/11/10
Over/Under – AEW (TNT): 0.72 million or more9/104/5
Over/Under – NXT (USA Network): 0.625 million or more4/627/25
Over/Under – Raw (USA Network): 1.7 million or more19/203/4
Over/Under – SmackDown (FOX): 1.8 million or more4/59/10
Over/Under – Wednesday Total: 1.35 million or more combined viewers for AEW (TNT) and NXT (USA Network)17/2017/20
P18-49 Spread – AEW (TNT): Ranked 20 or more places better than NXT (USA Network) in cable telecasts for the day in the demoEvens7/10
Spread – AEW (TNT): 0.075 million more than NXT (USA Network)3/419/20
Spread – SmackDown (FOX): 0.125 million more than Raw (USA Network)3/419/20